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About Paige

What, my personal life?  All right.  Pictured above: my husband Adam and I on our wedding day.  Funny story about how we met . . . ask me sometime. He's amazingly supportive and wonderful.  I'm happy to say that he's joined me in doing radio theatre and is now a voice actor in addition to a technomancer (IT, tech support, computer wiz) and all-around mensch.


I have so many interests that it's hard to choose between them -- fortunately, theatre lets me combine most of them. As a child, I was a competitive gymnast, and I've been able to use a lot of what I learned about stretching and tumbling, not to mention the fair amount of balance and flexibility I've managed to hang onto through the years and despite injuries.   


Now, I have turned music, stage combat, and writing into part of my career, which leaves me with fewer hobbies.  I do enjoy music jams, drawing, and making jewelry, and I read books whenever I have time!  Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Modern Fantasy are my favorite escapes, which leads to D&D and other RPGs.  Sometimes I even LARP.  Yes, I am that nerd, and proud of it.


Some would say I've been in theatre since I was negative nine months old. This is because my mother, Dr. Susan Steadman (left), is a director and a playwright (and teacher and producer and editor and . . .). She kept teaching me and letting me help her with plays and somehow seemed surprised when I wound up working in theatre.  She's hard to get pictures of, because she's a photographer, but I managed to find a few.

I mentioned my older brother Jeremy's early influence on me on my Acting page; he was always writing, and teaching me things, and challenging me to live up to his example.  I think he's the reason I started writing.  Here he is (right) with one of his published books.

My father's side of the family had a stronger musical influence on me (not to discount my mother's musicality!).  My father's mother was a music teacher in addition to running a farm when my father was growing up.  Our family reunions often became music jams. My father played clarinet, trumpet, several low brass instruments, several types of recorders, and mountain dulcimers.  After he retired, he found great joy in crafting dulcimers and teaching people to play, especially people who believed they wouldn't be able to! 

And of course . . .

Family is important to me. This includes my cats. They are very supportive, especially if writing and composing keeps me sitting by the computer and one can be on my lap and the other snuggled nearby or perched behind my head.

I also have extended/"adopted" family, family by choice, and very dear friends who mean the world to me, but those are their stories to tell.

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