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Paige's Music                                             (resume at bottom of page)

Singing.  Composing.  Teaching.  Recorder, pennywhistle, tenor recorder.  Piano, bodhran, euphonium, dujo--  all right, most people stop there and ask what that is.  

A dujo (pictured above) is a cross between a mountain dulcimer and a banjo.  It's fantastic for Appalachian music and Celtic tunes, easiest to tune to the key of D, and . . . that's not why you came to this website.


Paige has been playing and composing music since she was about five.  She's grateful to her highly talented, musical family and extended family for their support, encouragement, random lessons, and hand-me-down instruments and sheet music.   

Though she grew up listening primarily to classical, show tunes, Celtic folk music, and big band, Paige's repertoire has expanded to nearly every genre.  She's been in jazz bands, learned to rap for shows, and she's currently in a Country Western band, the Fetchin' Muggins (website pending).  

"Forgotten," a theme song Paige wrote for ParaNoirmal Encounters, a noir parody taking place in the town of Forgotten, USA; radio play performed by The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company at CONjuration in 2018.

Recorded with the assistance of Adam Ross and Matt Goodson.


Recent Music 

2017-2024 Composed songs for and played with The Fetching Muggins (voice, drum, recorder, various instruments)

2019  sang melody for Nothing-at-All for The Atlanta Radio Theatre Co. at Liberty Con.

2019musical directed Armfight at the K.O. Corral for the Atlanta Radio Theatre Co.

2018Played original music for Dead Watcher produced by The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company at Dragon*Con (tenor recorder)

2017 Composed and performed music for commercial for Summer Harvest Festival for Onion Man Productions

2017Composed music for Stage Kiss produced by Onion Man Productions

2017Composed and taught music for Rats! Said the Piper produced by Onion Man Productions

2016Composed and taught music for Rats! Said the Piper produced by The Good Studio

2014 Composed music for Family Reunion produced by Atlanta Theatre to Go

2013Accompanied reading of A Pied Piper Christmas at The Academy Theatre

2012Composed and musical directed for A Very Cthulu Christmas at The Academy Theatre

2012Composed underscore for Weavers, a one-act play in the Good Works Festival

2012radio appearance on WRFG Fox Minstrel Show (original Celtic Folk music: voice, dujo, recorder)

2011Traditional and original Celtic Folk music (dujo, recorder, bodhran, voice) at Rail Arts District Tour at the Academy Theatre

2011Traditional holiday music (recorder, dujo) for An Atlanta Christmas produced by Atlanta Radio Theatre Company and the Academy Theatre

2011Performed original music (recorder) for Promethea Unlaced produced by Artemis Moon Productions

2011Accompanied Evan Reynolds during magic shows at Academy Theatre (keyboard, recorder, zils, hand drum)

2011Performed original music at fundraiser for Japan tsunami recovery & Actor’s Express (music on dujo, vocal, bodhran) at The Academy Theatre.

2011 Accompanied Atlanta Radio Theatre Company at Anachrocon and again at SteamFest; keyboard; some original music.

2011Improvised soundtrack to Lyre Calliope’s lecture about the Future at SteamFest (keyboard).

2010Composed/arranged/musical directed and played a musician in Two Gentlemen of Verona at North Fulton Drama Club (dujo, vocal; arranged but did not play guitar).

2010Intro music for Much, Much Later at Onion Man Productions (computer arrangement).

2003, ‘07, ‘09Wandering musician (original and traditional music) at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (dujo, recorder, bodhran, etc.).

2009Composer, Musical Director for Who, What, Where with Offshoot Productions.

2008Composer, Musical Director for Tales from Near and Far with Offshoot Productions.

2007(film) Composition for Changing Baby

2006Composed and performed (recorder, bodhran) for Promethea Unlaced, a fundraiser for Theatre Gael.

2006Composed and Musical Directed Once Upon a Cloud (violins, viola, vocals) performed by Arts Clayton Young Teen Drama Camp.

2006Composer, Musical Director for The Frog Prince with Offshoot Productions.

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